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Welcome to the Biblical Studies Center. This is a site devoted to exploration in biblical interpretation, theology, and Christian living in the world. You may choose to peruse by category, or check out our contributing writers by clicking on the appropriate link in the top menu.

New: BH wiki. Mostly aimed at book recommendations, such as biblical commentaries etc. This wiki is readable by the public. Content is contributed solely by scholars associated with Biblical Horizons.


Interpretation - biblical studies and hermeneutics

Doctrine - essays in basic Christian doctrine

Covenant - studies in covenant theology

Ecclesiology - church and sacraments

Practica - Christian living and current issues

Sermons - sermons and meditations

Reviews - book reviews

Most Recent Additions

Want to keep tabs on what is new? Here are links to the most recently added material:

  1. Rethinking Dating, Rethinking Marriage, by Tim Gallant. (Posted November 26, 2009; 76 kb. Pdf only.)
  2. Sabbath and Sunday: A Brief Biblical-Theological Consideration, by Tim Gallant. (Posted June 16, 2009; 75 kb. Pdf only.)
  3. A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing: A Letter on the Imputation of Christ's Active Obedience, by Tim Gallant. (Posted May 26, 2007; 18.9 kb.)
  4. The Triumphal Entry: Israel's New King's Counterpoint to the Maccabean Triumph - An Intertextual Meditation, by Tim Gallant (April, 2006)
  5. Misusing the Westminster Confession, by James Jordan (added March 31, 2006)
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