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Basic doctrine & Christian foundations


Proving the Gospel: Sensible Biblical Apologetics, by Tim Gallant. (Summer 2000; 23 kb.)


Ecumenical Creeds of the Christian Church , with notes by Tim Gallant. (13 kb.)

Paradoxology: Thoughts on the Trinitarian Grounding of Human Faith, by Tim Gallant. (March 2003; 22 kb.)

Two Natures, One Mediator: Thoughts on the Communication of Properties Between the Two Natures of Christ, by Tim Gallant. (Dec 2003; 18 kb.)

Protestant and Reformed Theology

Affirmations on Justification and Covenant-Keeping: An Outline, by Tim Gallant. (March 2003; 15 kb.)

The Shepherd and the Sheep: An Exposition of the Theme of Christ as Total Saviour in John 10, by Tim Gallant. (1997; 19 kb.)

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