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Ecclesiology: Church & sacraments

Church Doctrine and Church Issues

Biblical Church Discipline: Cleansing the Covenant Community, by Tim Gallant. (1997; 27 kb.)

Biblical Office: Covenantal Rule, Covenantal Care, by Tim Gallant. (1997; 29 kb.)

Brief Theses on Church Tradition, by Tim Gallant. (2001; 10 kb.)

Church Membership and its Calling, by Tim Gallant. (1997; 28 kb.)

Evangelicalism's Crisis of Faith, by Tim Gallant. (1997; 18 kb.)

A Few Notes on Sabbath & Sunday in the New Covenant, by Tim Gallant. (2002; 46 kb, PDF.)

No Creed But Christ? The Confessional Nature of Christian Faith, by Tim Gallant. (1997; 13 kb.)

Preliminary Theses Regarding Women in Office, by Tim Gallant. (Dec 2003, minor editing July 15, 2005; 10 kb.)

Sabbath and Sunday: A Brief Biblical-Theological Consideration, by Tim Gallant. (2009; 75 kb. Pdf only.)

Sacramental Theology and Practice

Affirmations on Covenant and Baptism: An Outline, by Tim Gallant. (March 2004; 9 kb.)

A Note on Circumcision and Baptism: Taking Account of Redemptive History, by Tim Gallant. (Feb 2003; 12 kb.)

Brief Theses on Communion and Covenant Children, by Tim Gallant. (April 2001, Jan 2002; 7 kb.)

Discerning the Body: 1 Corinthians 11.29 and Paedocommunion, by Tim Gallant. (2002; 13 kb.)

Examination and Remembrance: Does 1 Corinthians 11.28 Spell the Death-Knell for Paedocommunion? by Tim Gallant. (2002; 18 kb.)

Pentecostal Ordination: The Newness of Christian Baptism, by Tim Gallant. (Jan 2004; 18 kb.)

Toward a Theology of Baptismal Transition: Some Initial Reflections, by Tim Gallant. (Last updated Jan 2004; 30.5 kb.)

Why Infant Baptism? A Biblical Introduction, by Tim Gallant. (Jan, March 2004; 61 kb.)

Wine Means Wine: A Summary Defense, by Tim Gallant. (June 2005; 15 kb.)

Word and Sacrament: Evaluating a Mantra, by Tim Gallant. (Oct 2004; 11 kb.)

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