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Recommended links (off-site)

timgallant site group - Studies in covenant theology and related matters. - Studies in Paul and 1st century Judaism. - A comprehensive resource for study of paedocommunion. - Defense of the historic Christian faith at a worldview and non-technical apologetic level. - Home of Tim Gallant's Feed My Lambs.

Other recommended sites

Here are a few of our favourite web sites dealing with biblical studies and theology. It goes without saying that we do not guarantee complete agreement with everything on these sites, but they are genuinely helpful and have strong content. - A wealth of helpful material in covenant, apologetics, and theology.

biblical horizons - Groundbreaking work, particularly in biblical studies and liturgics.

biblical horizons wiki - Mostly reading recommendations. Contributions by scholars associated with Biblical Horizons only; publicly viewable.

Joel Garver - Thoughtful contributions in historical theology and biblical studies. - A wide array of material related to Reformed theology.

Peter Wallace - Some very good historical and biblical material.

theologia - An impressive site devoted to biblical studies and theology. - Explorations in Trinitarian theology and its implications.

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