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Here is a complete list of all regular pages on this site. Please note that index pages often cross-reference articles (since they may appropriately fall in more than one category or subcategory). This page, however, lists articles only once each, in alphabetical order according to the folder in which it appears. (Sermons are listed in canonical order.)

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Biblical Horizons wiki (public reading accessibility; private editing)


Biblical interpretation and hermeneutics


Abraham's One True Heir? Galatians 3.16 and Identity Interchange (Tim Gallant)

All Israel: The Saved in Romans 11.26 (Tim Gallant)

All Israel: Endnotes and Bibliography

Covenant and Election: A Brief Introduction to Various Views (Tim Gallant)

Covenant, Predestination, and Dogmatic Method: A Modest Proposal on the Role of Theological Inference (Tim Gallant)

An Everlasting Covenant in Your Flesh: A Biblical Study in Circumcision (Tim Gallant)

Fulfillment and the Gospel of Matthew: Theonomy and Matthew 5.17-20 (Tim Gallant)

Misusing the Westminster Confession (James Jordan)

Salvation of Gentile and Jew: The Eschatological Significance of Israel's Future Restoration (Tim Gallant)

The Triumphal Entry: Israel's New King's Counterpoint to the Maccabean Triumph - An Intertextual Meditation (Tim Gallant)

What Saint Paul Should Have Said: Is Galatians a Polemic Against "Legalism"? (Tim Gallant)

Basic doctrine


Affirmations on Justification and Covenant-Keeping (Tim Gallant)

Ecumenical Creeds of the Christian Church (with notes by Tim Gallant)

Paradoxology: The Trinitarian Grounding of Human Faith (Tim Gallant)

Proving the Gospel? Sensible Biblical Apologetics (Tim Gallant)

The Shepherd and the Sheep: An Exposition of the Theme of Christ as Total Saviour from John 10 (Tim Gallant)

Two Natures, One Mediator: Thoughts on the Communication of Properties Between the Two Natures of Christ (Tim Gallant)

Covenant theology


Monocovenantalism? Multiple Covenants, No Adamic Merit (Tim Gallant)

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing: A Letter on the Imputation of Christ's Active Obedience (Tim Gallant)



Affirmations on Covenant and Baptism: An Outline (Tim Gallant)

Biblical Church Discipline: Cleansing the Covenant Community (Tim Gallant)

Biblical Office: Covenantal Rule, Covenantal Care (Tim Gallant)

Brief Theses on Church Tradition (Tim Gallant)

Brief Theses on Communion and Covenant Children (Tim Gallant)

Church Membership and its Calling (Tim Gallant)

Discerning the Body: 1 Corinthians 11.29 and Paedocommunion (Tim Gallant)

Evangelicalism's Crisis of Faith (Tim Gallant)

Examination and Remembrance: Does 1 Corinthians 11.28 Spell the Death-Knell for Paedocommunion? (Tim Gallant)

No Creed But Christ? The Confessional Nature of Christian Faith (Tim Gallant)

A Note on Circumcision and Baptism: Taking Account of Redemptive History (Tim Gallant)

Pentecostal Ordination: The Newness of Christian Baptism (Tim Gallant)

Preliminary Theses Regarding Women in Church Office (Tim Gallant)

Toward a Theology of Baptismal Transition: Some Initial Reflections (Tim Gallant)

Why Infant Baptism? A Biblical Introduction (Tim Gallant)

"Wine" Means Wine: A Summary Defense of the Use of Wine in Communion (Tim Gallant)

Word and Sacrament: Evaluating a Mantra (Tim Gallant)

Practica - Christian living and current issues


Marriage and the Physical (Tim Gallant)

A Creational Perspective on Modern Music (Tim Gallant)

Sermons and meditations


Psalm 78.1-8 Sermon - Building for a Covenant Future (Tim Gallant)

Malachi 1.1-5 Sermon - Love and Rejection (Tim Gallant)

Malachi 1.6-14 Sermon - Offering in Vain (Tim Gallant)

Malachi 2.1-4 Sermon - Rescued By a Curse (Tim Gallant)

Malachi 2.5-7 Sermon - The Terms of the Levitical Covenant (Tim Gallant)

Malachi 2.8-9 Sermon - The Corruption of the Levitical Covenant (Tim Gallant)

Malachi 2.10-12 Sermon - Intermarriage with Unbelievers (Tim Gallant)

Malachi 2.13-16 Sermon - Bound Before God (Tim Gallant)

Malachi 2.17-3.2 Sermon - The Coming of God (Tim Gallant)

Matthew 18.21-35 Sermon - Thanksgiving and Jubilee (Tim Gallant)

Luke 10.25-37 Sermon - Countering Abortion: A Sermon for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (Tim Gallant)

John 20.11-18 Sermon - Meeting the New Adam in the Garden (Tim Gallant)

Acts 16.16-34 Sermon - Amnesty (Tim Gallant)

Galatians 5.13-26 / Lord's Day 32 Sermon - Delivered to Do Good Works (Tim Gallant)

Ephesians 2.19-22 Sermon - God's New Temple Under Construction (Tim Gallant)



Alternative Community: A Review of Richard B. Hays, The Moral Vision of the New Testament (Tim Gallant)

Covenantal Collapse? A Review of A. Andrew Das, Paul, the Law, and the Covenant (Tim Gallant)

Covenantal Nomism? A Comparative Review of E. P. Sanders, Paul and Palestinian Judaism, and D. A. Carson et al, Justification and Variegated Nomism, Volume 1 (Tim Gallant)


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