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About the biblical studies center


The Biblical Studies Center was begun by Tim Gallant on a personal site in 2000, shortly after he graduated from seminary. It was initially a forum for a few of his seminary papers and early writings, including chapters from an unpublished book on church practice. (Hence the numerous essays on church office, discipline, membership, etc.) Since Tim is one of those people who doesn't stop studying and writing simply because formal education is complete, the site rapidly grew.

Presently, the Biblical Studies Center is growing in another direction - into a multi-contributor independent project. All writers will be some stripe of Reformed, deeply committed to a high view of biblical authority, and have a special love for biblical studies.


The listed categories indicate well enough what sort of themes and issues are covered in the content that can be found here. A word is in order, however, regarding matters such as target audience and "level of difficulty." The Biblical Studies Center includes a wide variety of material, from brief pieces written in layman's language, to ponderous technical seminary papers. If you find yourself reading something too "heavy," please don't be discouraged. We believe we have something for everyone.


We have attempted to make this site as useable as possible for users, by providing navigation both by subject category and by author. In addition, we have provided a site map, which links to every page on the site. If there is anything we can do to make the site more user-friendly, please contact us and we will be happy to take your comments into consideration.

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The work here is provided freely. If you wish to share financially, please feel free to donate at Tim Gallant's site.

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